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Hi Eric,
I was a user of Amplify and loved it a lot. My only gripe was the multiple bugs in the software. I like being able to paste images that I like on the Amplify page and having links back to its original website. I could position the graphics and insert my own text in any way I like. I have just started using Clipmark and hope it has the same features but bug-free.

I fully believed in the potential of Amplify as I could gather related images or text in one page rather than book-marking multiple pages. People can share their Amplify in the way you would share your photo album. Hope you are achieving the same with Clipmarks.

eric goldstein

I think you'll find that Clipmarks lets you accomplish much of what Amplify did, but in a much easier, effective way. The key difference is that instead of having to create a collage of information as you navigate around the web, Clipmarks lets you very quickly clip and tag anything from a web page without ever leaving the page you're on. Then, if you want to see various things you've clipped, just go to your personal Library on the Clipmarks site and do a search for whatever you'd like to see. In effect, the "collage" of information is created for you when you do a search on the web site.
No doubt, there are some amazing creative aspects of Amplify that are not present in Clipmarks. One of these days we'll release a significantly upgraded (bug-free) version of Amplify as well. For the time being though we're going to focus on Clipmarks.
Please let me know what you think after you've had a chance to use it.


I have indeed tried it. I like the fact that all pictures were ordered and comments can be added. However, the reason I liked Amplify was due to the ability to "collage" the items I wanted in one page. You have achieved most of what Amplify did except for the arrangement of the clips. By using Clipmarks I had to click next pages to get to my first clip.

eric goldstein

You're right about that. In some instances, i do miss the collage aspect of Amplify. But most of the time, i love the fact that with Clipmarks i can just clip a piece of information quickly and easily without having to construct the collage and then have the info assembled for me any time i want by doing a search of My Clipmark Library. Thanks for your feedback!!

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