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Peter Kronengold

So why can't I just bookmark the webpage? With your clipmarks service, so I have to download a programs? If guys are barking up the wrong tree. Also, what is the revenue model for this business?


eric goldstein

wow. first comment. was excited until i read it:)

of course you can bookmark an entire page. just like you can tear out an entire page of a newspaper if you want to. but have you ever torn out just an article, or just a paragraph, or maybe just a picutre from the page? if so, then you should understand why you might sometimes want to create a clipmark of specific content instead of a bookmark of an entire page. thoughts?


I've installed the clipmarks client - basically it is more valuable than a bookmark in a few ways I've found. I can clip out of a page specific programming examples, since I am a programmer, so when I need them again, I don't have to scroll and scan a gigantic internet message board thread - I only saved the answer! So I wont get into it, but the program becomes extremely useful in a case by case basis. Yes you can bookmark pages and it does the same thing, but when I have my own library of code examples, it makes me a more effective developer overall - since I can't commit to memory every single thing I program.

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