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Great Features Guys!
Some suggestions for future stuff:

Rate public ClipMark

Online members, statistics like forum statistics.

Again, Great JOB!

Ralph Bressler

I installed ClipMarks on Firefox 1.5. ClipIt seems to work but SaveIt does not. This makes the whole thing pretty useless. I tried installing it on IE and both work here. However, on IE the highlight and save does NOT work. On FireFox SaveIt lights up after highlighting but SaveIt still does not work! Looks like a GREAT extension and I really would like it to work.

Rachel C

This sounds strange, but is it possible to clip an entire page (like a screenshot)?

Marjolein Hoekstra

About Clipmarks on Firefox: I have the Clipmarks toolbar working just fine on Firefox 1.5 final release.
I trust the Clipmarks team will pick up your issue and try to resolve it.

eric goldstein

You can expand the area to be clipped by right-clicking inside the orange lines and then using the slider that appears. Sorry for the delay in answering your question.

eric goldstein

I sent you an email about your question. This is an issue that has happened to you and one of our other users. If you get a chance, please check your email and get back to me. Thanks!

Ask the Geek

Good stuff, Eric. I'm letting my readers at Ask the Geek know about the new stuff.

Ask the Geek

Good stuff, Eric. I'm letting my readers at Ask the Geek know about the new stuff.

Search Engines Web


John just offered your site to his readers to try - this will bring you many many many quality users.

Good Luck :-)

eric goldstein

Thank you. That would be nice!


I dropped some extentions and FF1.5 is no longer giving my Clipmarks problems.
I'm clippin away now. Thanx!


Are you eternalized?



Am I right in assuming that the Firefox (Mac) Clipmarks only works if you use icons in your toolbar? I normally use text instead of icons, but all I get for Clipmarks then is the drop-down arrow for the folder with the URLs in it.

eric goldstein

We are releasing an upgrade to our toolbar sometime next week that has smaller buttons as well as the choice of text and/or icons for the buttons.


It's a bit too much on the site now imo.
Can you give people options on the profile, so they can decide on their own that they want to see and what not? That'd be ace. Fore example i don't need that chatterthingy..I'd like to drop things for a better overview.

cheers from germany,

eric goldstein

Good point Marcel. We've been talking quite a bit lately about the site being too busy. Give us a week or two and we'll have some pretty substantial changes aimed at making it less cluttered and also a bit more customizable (including the ability to collapse the chatter). I'll post a message here as soon as they're live and look forward to hearing your feedback. Thanks!





Right-clicking inside the orange lines brings up my normal right-click menu...no slider. I can still select whatever content I need to using other methods, but I want the cool slider thingy, too. :)

Using Firefox v

Love the content-selection functionality. Nice work.

eric goldstein

Try closing Firefox once and then reopening it. You should then be able to use the right-click slider from then on without any problems. Don't ask why this is...we have no idea :)

Please let me know if this solves your problem.


Worked better than shaking my laptop, thanks!

eric goldstein

Nice...glad to hear it!

Richard Hudson

Does the slider work only on Foxfire? I can't it to work with Explorer.

Erde Staaten

Yes, I have the same problem...

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