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My name is Eric Goldstein. I'm the CEO of Amplify, the company that created Clipmarks.

I'm not a techie. I became a lawyer about 7 years ago but NEVER practiced. Wasn't into it at all.

I've always loved the web, but found it difficult to use. Never felt comforatble that i was in control. The idea behind this company was to change that for people.

I'd also like to help bring about the mass adoption of alternative sources of energy so that we can become less dependent on oil and stop polluting the environment. Not so sure how to do that yet, so for now i'll stick to writing about it hear and there on this blog and posting clipmarks about it to help educate people.


Love sports! Playing, watching, talking about, you name it. If there was a designated fielder, i really think i could have been an infielder in the majors. Couldn't hit major league pitching to save my life though.